Colonnade Hotel, Kristen and Brandon

Kristen and Brandon were married on October 7, 2017 at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA. The ceremony was officiated by a rabbi and a priest. They played wonderfully off each other and provided some comic relief at times. I loved how the ceremony integrated both traditions beautifully.

My favorite part of the wedding day was filming on the roof of the Colonnade. It was a picture perfect Boston night and Kristen and Brandon looked like movie stars. Brandon was also extremely hilarious, which made filming even more fun! 

Colonnade Hotel, Boston

Memorial Church Harvard and Hyatt Boston Harbor

Ann and John are an extremely devout and hard working couple. I was blown away by their commitment to their faith and their vast achievements. They are incredibly modest and humble. The ceremony was at Memorial Church in Harvard Yard (Where Ann went to school), and the reception at Hyatt Boston Harbor. 

Ann and John, incredibly cute here. 

Ann and John, incredibly cute here. 

A Policeman's Wedding, Will and Jen at the Hyatt Hotel

Will is a Boston Police officer and Jen is a teacher. Being a police officer has its advantages when getting married. The limo was personally escorted through the winding roads of South Boston. Also, a police officer was present during their pictures in  Boston Public Garden. Let's just say, the wedding was very safe! In addition, Will can dance! I loved seeing his moves on the dance floor. Jen's sister loved interviewing friends and family with "words of marriage advice." Some were absolute hilarious. 
Jen and Will met at Stats, a sports bar in South Boston. As Jen's sister said quoting Rhianna, "they found love in a hopeless place." 

Liberty Hotel Wedding, Jill and Andy

It was a beautiful and windy day on April 29, 2017 in Boston at the Liberty Hotel. This is the first wedding I've done at The Liberty Hotel in Boston. What a venue!

Here is a bit of history about The Liberty Hotel: it was built between 1848 and 1851. The original jail was built in the form of a cross with four wings of Quincy granite extending from a central octagonal rotunda with a 90-foot-tall atrium. The wings allowed segregation of prisoners by sex and category of offense. Thirty arched windows, each 33 feet high, provided ventilation and natural light. The original jail contained 220 granite cells, each 8 feet by 10 feet. Over its 140 year life, the jail had a number of famous inmates: Sacco and Vanzetti, Mayor James Michael Curley, Malcolm X, women suffragettes and World War II prisoners from the German submarine Unterseeboot 234. 

Amazing! Enjoy Jill and Andy's Liberty Hotel Wedding Highlights!